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If I wasn't photographing weddings, I'd probably be crashing them.  That's how much I LOVE weddings!

Well, maybe I'm joking a little... but it is true that I simply adore weddings. Each one is unique and different just like the couple.  It's such an amazing expression of personality!  At each wedding I'm struck with awe at the love surrounding the couple.  People often say a wedding is just about the bride and groom, but I've seen over the years that it's about so much more!  It's about their childhood, about the people who helped them become the people they are today. It's about the support of their family, friends and sometimes faith. And it's about desserts. Definitely desserts. 

If I'm not at weddings I'm usually building with Legos, racing matchbox cars, playing with dinosaurs or having crazy dance parties.  I have 3 kids...all boys!!  One is 39 years old and is my husband.  The other two are 9 and 4 years old. When I'm not living in "Boy World", I love to get pedicures, do lots of different types of art (my current obsessions are watercolor, brush lettering and digital painting) and watch Netflix while drinking wine.



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If the wedding is the big event, than the engagement session is like... tailgating!  It's our chance to kick back, relax and just have fun getting to know each other before we put our game faces on for the big day! I love these sessions because it gives us a chance to hang out, capture some shots that really show off who you are as a couple and get all pepped up for the big day!

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